CS 5 Gives Jobs the finger?

Looks like SJ, ended up looking sort of well allegedly stupid…

Is CS5 still claiming they can package an iphone app?  Answer is No…  Why, Ask SJ, he knows and he does not even work for adobe…
Well in a video of recent date, it would appear that is in fact the alleged, case.

Wait, is this even possible, well perhaps not, but with one move apple has quite possibly, upset the cart, and it may be that they have dispelled all the hope that mac lovers the world round had for apple finally becoming main stream…

The problem is that apple has really done some very bad stuff, allegedly.

People are really angry, with MAC and you know I dont blame them, I am seriously considering returning my ipad, because of the stupid terms and conditions, that they have attached to the 4.0 os system, I really dont need it and on top of that, I could buy CS5

Well you might have to wonder if perhaps apple was allegedly scared of the CS 5 Launch of CS5, one thing for sure, this allegedly puts apple to shame, think I might just return my ipad and go get CS5 instead, why? Why not, because Jobs allegedly does not care about the developers, just because you can does not mean that you should.

So what do you think is adobe winning this war, because it looks like they are miles ahead of jobs, and that is one bad apple.

Looks like adobe is far ahead of apple, allegedly, that is, dude Jobs where were you thinking man, they could have worked together to create a beneficial product launch, but hey guess that is what happens when you shoot your foot off to spite your face, or in this case a loss of face.

Perhaps its time that jobs retires, and gets out of the way of the new apple.


Even painting is life like, amazing,

stuff, and one reason why apple is quaking in their boots, (allegedly)

Wonder what apple stock is doing right now?

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