Developing for the iphone or iPad?

SDK 4.0 no one knows what will happen next, will steve jobs turn out to be an illegal alien?

Will the pod people show up?

will the FTC file suit against apple?   Should they?

Have thousands of developers been harmed by apples inane acts?

with the recent updates to 4.0 and the last of even a usb port, many feel like perhaps the ipad is all hype and nothing else.

Most people think that the ipad will become a fad however, alleged rumors, are that even now apple is secretly working on updates to the ipad that will enhance it even more, and why not as people kick the tires, there is really a lot that can be done…

Have you seen some of the products that advertise you can get rich, They tell you all about the success stories of people who made millions, sure why not, but in the real world, you know that place where most of us live, the tales of instant wealth are far and few between.

Have you heard about how rich you can get by developing for the iphone and now the new ipad?

Chances are you may have seen one or more products that are launching over the next few days about how you can get rich developing for the iphone.

Having been an apple developer for several years now, I can tell you that it is not as easy as you might think it is and at the same time, if you are willing to spend some time working with the Xcode User Interface, you can learn a good deal in a timely manner.

There are literally hundreds of startup companies out there and they charge anywhere from $350.00 to $35,000 and up for developing an iphone or ipad application.

In fact I found one company that provides a fill in the blank style format, and you download a template file which you in turn upload to apple, after paying them $99.00 for that privilege and the cost to do this, was $499.00, now you could just get your hands on some free source code and the Xcode interface and do it all your self, for just the $99.00 apple developer fee, or you could hire some one to do it, as they claim in so many of these ebooks about how you can get rich developing and outsourcing applications.

That would be nice, and if Mr. Rogers were around today he would tell you how nice it was too, but sadly he and Mr. Green Jeans, and even the Captain, will not be joining us, so in reality, the average cost to develop an ipad app is over $800.00 and that is just for an average app with perhaps a few features.

If you want customized features along with graphics and a custom API, well then you talking about thousands of dollars.

In reality the idea that you can get rich with iphone apps may not be the opportunity you may have been lead to believe it is.

The reason for this is that most of time is just plain hype, bought and paid for by the manufacturers of the devices, they want to sell you.

It is after all advertising that made this country great and so we have to decide what is advertising hype and what is the truth and in this case that may be harder to do than you would at first imagine.

The hype and the reality equation.

First the hype, well you know what hype is right? Hype is commonly but not always a form of Exaggeration for effect.

The effect is that you read, the claims that are often presented without any proof of their authenticity, this is hype and should be avoided, yet we see evidence of this over and over again, in many different market places all over the internet.

The problem with hype is that people believe this stuff, and then rush over to buy the product, which is how things are done in the marketing world, at least for the most part, that is how they are done, you may find a few “honest” marketers, that will tell you the truth.

The issue is that honest marketers do not make nearly as much money telling the truth, because people do not want to hear the truth they want to hear that they will get rich over night, so they can dream about that nice red sports car sitting in the drive way of the brand new 10 bedroom home they bought with all that money they will make following that 400 dollar ebook they just purchased, and some might actually make some money.

The sad truth is that only about 2 percent of online marketers make any money, and most of them do it with the hype formula. So the next time you see some great sales copy that tells you about how you can make thousands and thousands of dollars in just ten seconds with no work required, Well you know the score right, Sellers 1 buyers zero

But you can even up the odds, by just doing one thing, thinking…

Just ask your self this one question, what am I buying?

Are you buying a product or are you buying the hype?

If you answer the first question honestly, you can improve your IQ significantly.

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