Ebay just make a Huge mistake?

As more people, begin to see ebay affiliate revenue drop and drop to nothing, it is starting to become evident that ebay has made a huge error in judgement…

Looks like the news is in for Ebay, and it may not be the news they allegedly wanted to hear, the new programs, seem to have not worked in the way they had hoped, this happens, most of the time when you hire people that may be very smart and have PHDs, but have little or no real knowledge about how the internet or even how computers work, We just have to say good luck with that…

We have to ask this question because it looks like in the changes that ebay has made to its affiliate program that it is no longer friendly to most websites, which if this is the case that most of the affiliates will move to other programs where they can make money without being dependent on a system that has no clear under pinning.  This is a huge problem, but apparently Ebay cares not.

After all it would appear that Ebay has made a series of trouble some mistakes in the area of both customer satisfaction and seller satisfaction.

AS a seller since 1999 I can testify that I have moved to other markets so instead of selling and buying more I sell almost nothing through ebay and tend to buy from other marketplaces this is because of all the policies that are in effect at ebay that tend to favor everyone but the buyer and seller.

I suspect that this new system that ebay has invested in will backfire in a really bad way, but we will have to see how it works out in the long run, for now it is yet another dissapointment in a long run of troublesome and disappointing situations at ebay.

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