Ebay clicks is it robbing you of commissions

Will Ebay change its affiliate program or will they continue to allegedly

change the way that your commissions are determined?

its drastic and the news is out the result allegedly is a huge cut in affiliate commissions.

This is bad business and it is bad for business, just bad all the way around.

If you google, the word bad ebay commissions, you will find some disturbing news.

It looks doubtful one thing for sure, many people have jumped the Ebay ship because of the drastic changes they made in the affiliate program, in fact for the most part thousands went from making money to making nothing…


Well the results is in, the new Ebay pay for clicks is an alleged failure.

at least in our tests, it fails, for a number of reason, the least of which is metrics, but more importantly, what did they do?

Well it is obvious to us at least they took the focus from buying activities to clicking activities, and that was well just plain stupid.

We say that was stupid because you can literally spend all day clicking and never buy a thing, it is the buyers that make all the difference.

not the clickers, but ebay in yet another alleged stupid move, changed every thing up once again, and they paid an alleged very big price for doing so, but hey dont take our word for it, take a look at the cold hard numbers…

we have to ask this because it appears that this is indeed the end result, it may not have been the desired result, (cough, cough) but yes this is what it did, why change it all up, because what you see below is a result of the new “better” ebay system, I for one an looking for a better program…

Picture 1

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