HTML 5 Video

 They say the future is all about HTML 5 and they may be right but

when will all browsers support HTML5 because right now only a few do.

When you look at all the different things you can do it really begins to add up.

Imagine the ability to develop extraordinary animations and create amazing presentations…

Media playback and offline storage.

Simple HTML tags, like “<video>” and “<audio>”  you can do this with no additional plugins required, which is sort of a bad news thing for some software vendors that have produced a poor interface for years dependent upon an overpriced software product that only corporations can usually afford.

file formats, what is in a file and how does it make a difference?

One thing is that Ogg format is free and H.264 is not free…

HTML 5 is drag and drop, ) right out of the box.

Managing files by dragging and dropping them into place is something that is a real time saver.

Now the down side, as there almost always is, all that glitters is not gold.

The problem with the beauty of HTML 5 is that for the most part, it has been reported that firefox is the better browser for this new standard.

Typically Microsoft is behind the learning curve (allegedly) coming in dead last, in its latest version of its Internet browser.

So with the latest and greatest technology still sitting around waiting for the browsers to play catchup it may be some time before that happens.


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