Internet Marketing what is your plan?

Have you considered, what it takes to make money online?

If so do you have a plan where you can actually take the right steps to accomplishing your goals.

Do you have a plan?

With all the tools and all the Ebooks online and offline, books, and resources, you just have to wonder about how you can really make money at all online. This may be the eternal question, I started out learning about html, and programming, over 15 years ago, I have spent countless, hours, studying and learning, new things, I have spent literally thousands and thousands, of dollars just to get where I am at right now…

If you were to follow in my footsteps…

The logical end result of that statement is that you would end up right where I am at right now, typing on a keyboard and talking about your experiences, no matter where you are at in your own personal learning journey, it is what you do next that will make all the difference.

There are literally hundreds of things you should do, but what will you do?

The better question is this, are you in a position to profit?

If your answer to this question is yes, then skip right to the next button, if your answer if no or I just do not know, then keep reading…

Most likely you have heard of the old saying that you have to spend money to make money…

This is true, however what they do not tell you is that you really have to be in a position to profit from that knowledge.

You just cannot throw money against the wall and expect to make money on the idea that spending money makes money.

Most of us have already learned that hard lesson the hard way, however how do you know that you are ready to profit?

There are really, just a few surprisingly, simple steps, although these are not written in stone.

Profit Potential…  versus Profit Positioning…

The simple idea that your individual circumstance may be better suited to learn how to profit than others who may not be in a position to profit.

1.  Be able to afford a hosting account, usual price between, 10 and 30 dollars per month depending on your needs.

2.  Own and operate, a domain name, or website name.

3.  Website traffic.

If you have those things, then chances are you are in a position to profit, but that does not mean that you will profit.

If you are not in that position, then you should seriously consider putting yourself into that position.

So now you may have a little better idea of what it takes to be in the right position to profit from spending money, that spend is in the form of a website, hosting account, templates, running a website, creating content, and a huge amount of other smaller things, that just seem to keep coming, no matter what you do you seem to find that you need that one more tool to make it all work, that may be true, but often it may not be.

One good example, is a group of software users, that have designed some software that fakes traffic, What?

Yes, you heard correctly, they have a piece of software they are selling, that fakes traffic to your website, this is so that it will trick the search engines, into

thinking you are a popular site, (do you really believe that)  If you do I have some swamp land in the desert to sell you.

That is just how crazy it is out there, some people really believe that if they fake traffic to their websites, then they can make money…

Ok, if that sound just as stupid to you as it does to me, then you are in a good position to move up the ladder of profit potential.

Profit potential, the likely result that you could profit if the circumstances are right to do so.

If you are trying to profit but you have no website, or a domain name, or any skills, then you may not be in a good position to profit.

That may not be the news, you wanted to hear, but it is fair, if you are trying to make money promoting other peoples products, without having any time or

skill to bring to the table then the chances that you are not in a position, to profit is greater than the chances you could make money.

Does that mean that you will make money, No, but it does mean that your chances of success are better than your neighbors and that can make all the difference.

So what will you do next…

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