ipad the hype meets the rubber

Is the ipad really a big deal, or is it like some say an iphad?  Some have alleged that SJ has caused such a problem for apple execs that some have alleged that it may only be a matter of time before he may be asked to step down…  I would vote for that, the guy is not all there.

So is the hype worth the cost of the ipad?

So now we see that the ipad may not be as great as everyone thought it would be, with all the negative publicity, of late, leaves a bad taste for many concerning apple, in fact, I was thinking about buying a new laptop, but hmm, steve jobs, apparently does not care about what their customers think because they have done something that many consider evil.

Well folks, without breaking my NDA with Apple, it does appear that there may be alleged trouble on the horizon with april the 3rd looming like a juggernaut, and rumors that all is not well in jobs land, Warning, the following video may be offensive to some people.

Steve Jobs and apple has lost some of its gleam, from the day they came out with this idea, the polls showed that the device was under powered.
In Fact HP is coming out with the slate, which apparently is polling better than the ipad, now this is disturbing, more so if you bought into apple stock at 109 but hey thats a different story, again another warning, some may find this video to be disturbing and in poor taste, please do not view it if you will be offended.

You have been warned.

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