bricking a jail broken iphone

Will there be a huge legal battle in the next few months?

Will apple run afoul of the UCC, and the DCMA, even prehaps the FTC?

Thousands of people have jail broken their iphones and now ipads and Stevie jobs seems to be living in some other world.

What kind of corporate board, allows, this to keep happening?

It is time to do the right thing or replace mr jobs.

Or will apple finally figure it all out, that you have to give the customer what they want or eventually they will be someone else s customer.

Ok, most every one has heard of the iphone, but in case you have not, the iphone is one of the most popular mobile devices in many years.

the iPhone is an Internet enabled multimedia mobile phone device designed and more importantly marketed by Apple.

the IPhone has a multi touch screen with buttons and virtual keyboard.

One of the many functions of IPhone is a portable media player and a camera phone with visual voicemail and text messaging.

the IPhone also provides Internet services including internet access and a browser experience, e-mail, and WiFi connectivity.

IPhone also supports EDGE data connections.

The IPhone was introduced on 29th June’07 for the first time in United States, and then in the UK, France, and Germany in Nov’07.

After the original offerings IPhone devices are sold only at AT&T network with a Simlock, in place a variety of hackers have found techniques to unbolt the device.

Not only have Apple stores annulled the warranty (allegedly) on hacked and not closed IPhones but Apple just made a statement which says that the unlocked process along with a future IPhone update may cause your phone to be about as useful as a brick.

So you can see the term Bricked, comes from what some have called, bricking.

In a very recent decision

DMCA Ruling Allows iPhone Jailbreaks this is no longer as much of an issue, (allegedly) but dont run out and break your device, right away, because you could still end up with a problem, ok, so just so you know we are not saying its ok, but there is evidence that the DCMA has made this decision and it could have a direct impact on how you use your equipment in the near future.

There may be some lawsuits, yes, but know this, the days of opression of your mobile devices are numbered.

Yet, still  Users that are installing illegal unlocking programs are strongly discouraged by Apple because of the possibility that could still void the warranty and also cause the phone to become the afore mentioned brick.

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