Royalty Free Music..

More than ever before it has become so important to make sure that you are not using music that is restricted by its copyright owner.

How important is using Qualified music on all your website and video projects?

With all the lawsuits out there you might begin to wonder about if you can actually be profitable.

Woman sued for using, copyrighted music, she could loose everything…

This headline is an example only but This could be in a newspaper near you soon, and in fact it already has, with so many lawsuits going on if you are successful or you are planning on being successful online, then you should be making sure that everything you do is above board and honest, this includes even outsourced work.

Do you want some free background music tracks, then you should be reading this because this will help you.

We are adding tracks every week, we have nearly 100 royalty free tracks…

We have just added new tracks to your product offering, Royalty free music backing tracks…

This means the price will eventually have to go up, but you can get it now for a low low price.

Just what is Royalty free music does it mean that it is free?

Well that would be a no, its not free it means that you have the freedom to use the music in different ways after you pay a fee to use the music, usually they have like a hundred different rules, at most of these royalty free websites.

Why do you want and need Royalty free music… ¬†Easy…

Music copyright infringement…

Headline, man gets sued for using music in video…

It could happen to you, there are thousands of law suits every day and some are so silly that they can be over a pair of lost pants at the cleaners, remember that story, yep the Million dollar pants, those people had to pay an attorney to defend them, even though they won in the end they had to pay out over 35 thousand dollars, (allegedly)

Check it out….

Music is what makes the website go round, and royalty free music is what lets you sleep at night…

Music makes all the difference, and now you can get all the really cool stuff you want…

Get your royalty free music at our website, black mountain

Why do you need royalty free music? One reason is simple, these days people will sue you over a quarter sometimes even over a pair of pants, Yes we know how crazy that sounds but it is true, people will sue for just about anything you can think of even when they are not entitled to sue you they will do it anyway just on the chance that you will settle for cash.

Recently we looked around at several of the most popular royalty free music websites and found that after reading the rules, and regulations, rules designed to restrict your rights, and yes you do have rights, as a creative professional you have rights when you purchase music to use you have the right to use that music, but at so many of these companies they go out of their way to restrict your rights, so much so that after we read the terms and conditions, it became obvious that you could not even use the music you purchased.

Now we thought that was just plain stupid.

If you feel the same way and would like to be able to use the products you buy free from overly restrictive and deceptive language then visit our website because we think you will appreciate the pure simple way our site is setup…

music for the rest of us

royalty free music

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