SEO why buying links is bad

You hear it all the time, your website needs back links, but what happens when you do buy those back links?

You can even search for it on google, but google will do some allegedly bad things to websites that engage in link buying and selling.

I see people selling links on forums all the time, and at first it might seem like something that would be a good idea, but sadly, it is not, because, google can tell

Don’t Do it, because you might get banned.

if the links are natural or if they are coming from websites that as a matter of course sell links.

You see this all the time, the offering of links for sale.

So what is wrong with it, it works, you get traffic and its cool, well almost.

The problem is that you only get a temporary lift in your traffic then you usually get banned by Search Engines.

I just have to shake my head in wonderment, because you may fool some of the search engines some of the time, but you will not fool all of the search engines all of the time.

So what is the trade off here, if you buy links, your bad, and your website gets hit with a google, slap down from hades, and if you dont, google ignores you, sort of a catch 22 right, well perhaps there may be a middle ground….

Every where you look these days you see people selling links, can I say, dont do that…

It is possibly the worst thing you can do for your website.

You may have seen some of the hundreds of link services that are available these days, you can find them on every street corner, however it is a very bad thing, to do because you will get hit with a penalty and that penalty is basically putting your website into a grave which is something you do not want to do.

Buying links is easy fast and convenient however the search engines always figure it out, because it shows up as a pattern and once they identify that pattern, anyone associated with that pattern is then guilty.

For instance I have a friend that had a nice PR2 website and they wanted to get it up to a 3, so they thought they could buy links to do this, so the next thing you know they had a NA for a PR, once that happens it is almost impossible to get out of that status, so even though you may be tempted to take the short cut, do not do it because it will cost you in the long run so much more than you can imagine.

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