Thoughts on flash?

We want to have an apple, but the last one was sour.

Well it looks like Apple has decided to do the right thing, and we for one are happy about it, but this sort of brings up the entire ball of twine all over again, we are glad that apple has decided to do the right thing here but still we persist that we wonder why it had to happen at all and it sort of left a bad taste in our mouths for apple.

You just have to wonder about things sometimes, when you have so much money, does it really rot your brain, and if so can I get some of that?

There may not be as many apps made specifically for the ipad and other mobile devices.

Really, hmmm can you hear that giant sucking sound, that is the air in the famous glass elevator…

Imagine for a moment you are a narcissist, and you have such an ego that you cannot figure out what to do with all of your mentality.

Hopefully you wont find that out, but if you do happen to wake up one day and find that your are responsible for the lively hood of ten thousand employees and ten times that number of stock holders, then please what ever you do, Don’t be like Steve Jobs…

Well one thing that really is hard to understand, is the idea that the webkit, as mentioned in an address allegedly from steve jobs to the rest of the planet, is so much better than anything else out there.

As it is said, in the isle, We are not amused, and the development community is not very happy with this odd and self serving terminology,

One thing for sure, the PR problem at apple is not over, and the rather self serving statement, which in some ways, reflects on the truly strange behavior at apple over the last two or three weeks.

While we could talk about how we have some thoughts on the apple ipad and how it really needs some work, you could say that stevie needs to pull the beam from his own eye before trying to remove the splinter from adobes eye.

Also allegedly, the latest version of safari will not process forms correctly on all websites, and even the apple developer forum will not always load, with time outs, and also, network problems that interfeer with the use of the developer portal.

So some of the statements, like the absense of a mouse in flash, were a little disenginous, at best and at worst, well as Joe says, You Lie…


I really think that this is not good for apple and definitly not good for the stockholders, I sure hope that what ever strange mind trip that SJ is on he figures it out…

because we want our old apple back, the one missing the worm, allegedly.

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