Time travel is possible,

Update, well, I managed, to restore some of my work from 2001, wow, talk about time travel, you should see the websites, from back then, LOL,

Ok, perhaps it really is, possible, I know one thing I have some old QIC files from the old days of DOS, formatted with the old FAT system, now, I saved these files, because it was a backup of lots of old files, and a ton of work, which I wanted to keep when I moved from an older computer, I bought in 1998, yep back in the old days.

Anyway, it was time to upgrade my computer, and so I wanted to save as much of my work as I could, in QIC format.

little did I know that I would be facing the complete loss of all that data, with an upgrade to the latest version of windows XP, who knew?

Bill might have, with an evil grin and an echoing laughter, to make a long story short, I went about to restore my files, once I had my new fancy Win XP system up and running, and found that it would not read the files, I thought what, and so did a search to see if I could find a way to recover my lost data.

Apparently, and a nice nod from MS on this would have been really nice here, but did not happen.

Apparently, once you go to NTFS it is nearly impossible to recover files written in the older FAT format.

This was about 8 years ago now, and today, I hope to finally restore my lost files. (crossing fingers)

So, I have actually converted a drive from NTFS back to FAT before, so I knew that you can do it, it is not easy but it can be done.

I did read where there were several, people that I call wanna be computer nerds that were saying, in a self riotous, tone, by God you cant do that, it is not possible to go from NTFS to FAT, well yes, in fact it is.

You just have to fdisk from a Floppy disk, delete the logical partition and then restart,

well the rest is boring, but you know, and if you dont, post here and I will help you figure it out,

The long story, err I mean the short story, is that it is possible and I am doing it right now, installing win 98 on a FAT system, and again crossing fingers, I hope to be reading my long lost files, in a short while.

Of course there are always issues, at first I tried to use a virtual install of win 98 using the vaunted, parallels 5 which Failed miserably.

I actually spend a hefty price to upgrade from the last version to this version, for those on the fence, dont waste your money.

That is why I ended up posting this message about my experience, formatting a hard drive from NTFS to FAT,

just so I could finally after all this time have the last laugh on Bill Gates, why? Because I had to dust off this really old computer because I switched to MAC years, ago, saying you know what bill I dont like you any more.

So goes the tale…

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