Using WordPress

There are a lot of wordpress websites out there and there are a lot of guides to using wordpress.

Building a website is much like building a home, you want to start out on a firm foundation.

There is one very important aspect of developing a wordpress website that few people properly understand.


That one thing is installing wordpress properly.

It is important how you choose to install wordpress so much so that it effects everything you do from that first moment of installing the software on your web server.

What most users do not realize is simply this, when you install wordpress using an automatic installer, like fantastico you are open to problems later including having your website hacked.

Believe me when I say that there are thousands of wordpress users who wish they had just taken one hour to learn how to install wordpress manually its really the only way to install it.

Why is installing wordpress manually so important?

The best question that is never considered is the one that tells you something you did not know.

LAMP which is what drives most web servers, is developed in layers, the top layer, is the root, which is the basis for administrating the server.

LAMP by the way stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL PHP,

When you use an automatic installer to install wordpress you are effectivly installing the script and software at a level above your access point which is below root, when you use that script which exists above your user level it creates some issues that you have no control over at all unless you submit a ticket for help.

We all know what that is like.

Knowing this fact, you must come to terms with the knowledge that installing wordpress must be done manually simply because it is the only way that you can be sure that you have complete control over the files and scripts that is wordpress.

Build your website on a good foundation where you have control…


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