Why Auto Blogging is such a failure

Auto RSS feeds, Auto posting, Auto plugins, Auto this and Auto that, but you know what none of it works, if you have tried it you know what I am saying is true but do you know what it does not work like they say it does?

There is a tendency of the Internet Marketing crowd to blame a products success or failure on the user, this is not only rude and insensitive but it is patently false.

The real truth is that Products fail people.

People do not fail products, now this is not to say that there are not some instances where the user may for what ever reason not be applying themselves to reach a certain goal or they may not try at all, so in these cases then it is fair to say that the user did not do everything a reasonable person would do to be successful at using a product.

However, to generically gather all users into one group and pronounce them as lazy…

As Riddick would say, Bleeping insulting…

Over the last few months Google and several other large search engines have been developing new ways to display search results.  One of the reasons why this has changed so much in the website world is that there were a lot of marginal websites that used scraped content from other websites.

These sites as you may be aware were and are still called auto blogging websites.

Why you should carefully consider the risks associated with using an Auto Blog software.

First what is it?

Well Auto blogging is the practice of using an automated scripting agent to post content to a CMS system.

like word press, but the bad thing is that the content is not unique and it is not original.

The problem with auto blogging is that it does not invite people to want to return and get more content, simply because once they see the content there is little difference between that content and other content in other places on the internet.

There are a number of reasons, why auto blogging does not work well.

The biggest mistake you can make when your talking about creating a website is to turn the lights on and then just leave all the work up to a robot.

The sad thing is that people think that they can make a million bucks by doing nothing.

Do you believe the gurus every time they tell you that if you follow their step by step plan that you too can make a million bucks in ten minutes or less?

Good, because we do not think that they are being honest either.

You know, I sort of feel the same way about this topic as I do these auto surf traffic things, you know where someone logs into a website, and the browser, automatically shows a webpage, which the user does not really see, so a hit is registered, sure perhaps they were useful at some point in the past, but so were ffa pages too right?

But hey that was a long time ago…

So here we go again, with

Auto blogging the practice of programatically, posting to a blog automated content, to make it appear that someone is home and the lights are on, however, in reality, it is all done by robot, there are many such products that claim you can make an income by using this system to generate content, while this may work in some small instances, it is by and large, un productive.

It is mostly a waste of time and money…

So if you are considering buying an auto blog think twice then think again.

Then for sure you will see that auto blogging just does not do what they say it can…

Auto blogging, that is using a program that automatically posts content, to your wordpress blog, is a popular method of loading content into a blog however, it is most often, and we will for the sake of propriety, let us state that we are estimating these figures.

90 percent of the time an auto blog will fail to achieve it end goal, simply because it will starve from a lack of traffic.

Search engines, believe it or dont, can tell when there is no human behind the wheel.

Notice that in the video this guy actually does some work, so the idea that you just set it and forget it, is just not accurate.

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