Auto Blogging why it fails every time and what you can do to really compete

¬†Imagine what might happen if you were to find a way to develop a valuable blog and then profit from that value you created…

Concept blogging, is all about finding a niche and producing content that people want to read. Managing content is not easy, it is not push button, it involves working and doing research…
however, developing this type of blog could hurt your business more than help, learn more about that now.

The use of Auto blogs, has been very popular for about the last 4 years.

Google may be about to start targeting more marginal websites, could auto blogs be next The number one thing to remember when thinking about developing a website is not what to put on your site but what not to put. Why Auto blogs just do not work and why you should avoid using them.

About every day on Flippa you can see an autoblog for sale, sometimes the websites go for a few bucks but more and more we are seeing a decline in the perceived value of what auto blogging actually is.

The lights are on but no one is home, sounds like an old song, well it is, and like the song, auto blogging is just the same way the lights are on but no one is at home and google knows it too, dont think they dont.

The reasons are numerous but it all comes down to just one thing.
Are you willing to operate a website?
It is not about the website or the design it is all about the material and the content.

If no one sees it they will not come…

If the lights are on but no one is home, you cannot sell anything.
The simple truth about auto blogging is this if the light are on but no one is home, they just will not come.

The tragedy of the auto blog is that it can never succeed.

Imagine an ant hill, where all the ants did the same thing every day, they eat the same food every day, they listen to the same music every day, never a change, always a grey existence that never changes, that is what most websites are like these days, they just sit there withering away because no one is really visiting them, they are like that ant hill, full of ants, but for the most part no one in the entire world knows about those ants so they go about their lives, oblivious to the rest of the world.

That is what an Auto blog is like, an ant hill where everyone is busy busy busy, but no one knows about them…

Are you lazy?

If you are thats ok, lots of very successful are lazy, but there is one big difference.

They work smart, lazy but smart…

Chances are  you have seen these, ads that promise the moon for the auto blogging life style, the set it and forget it mind set.

But guess what, you already know, it does not work at all.

There are so many of these auto blogging platforms, from WordPress to literally more than you can imagine, each one claiming that they can give you what no one else can deliver.

The truth is that Auto Blogging does not work…

Perhaps that is not what you wanted to hear, but sadly it is the truth, I ran several blogs manually, posting every single day sometimes 10 to 12 times a day, sometimes more.

I was able to achieve some success, I started getting some traffic, I started making a little from affiliate commissions, like ebay and amazon and yes even adsense.

But then I made a huge mistake, I got lazy…
I started looking for an easier way to do the same thing and get me here there is nothing wrong with that ok, but and here is where I went wrong, you have to know that what you are doing is the right thing to do.

My mistake, cost me several High PR website ratings.

I paid more than $150 for an auto blogging platform, which was reputed to be better than anything out there, it was touted to work when everything else failed to work, but after loosing my PR ratings where I used this auto-blogging platform, I finally realized what I had done wrong, I trusted what someone else told me, just so they could make a few bucks.

So actually I spent a lot of money trying out different systems, I even tried paying a Virtual Assistant to post for me so I could see if that would work, but sadly that too failed, because I found that you have to have at least some interest in what you are posting about.

If you have ever had a good PR ranking then you know how important it can be to building your level of success, because once you get one good ranking, you can use that to link to lower ranked blogs and in turn improve their rankings, it really is a building block to your success.

There may be a few that are successful with auto blogging, but so far I have not see the first one that can say they are successful for more than 30 to 60 days, because, I saw some good traffic in that period, but after that it all went bad, and then it went from bad to worse.
So why does auto blogging software fail to achieve what the people selling them claim?

One of the most important things you can do for your blog is to give it that human touch and that is not often easy to do with automated software, the reason for this is that every single one of these auto blogging software solutions, leaves behind a trail, usually it is something small, like the same type of formatting post after post.
It is this trail that alerts the search engines that something is not right about the blog you might wonder why it matters, all I can tell you is that it does matter and it matters a lot, because you can go from a great rank to no rank and you can go from great traffic to no traffic and that is definitely not what you want.

So the next time you see an auto blogging software special and you read about how you can just set it up once and just forget it, just remember that you read it here, it is a waste of your money and unless you plan on monitoring and baby sitting your blog, you will never see any measurable success.

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