Will apple pay the price for jobs alleged mental illness

This is just a thought, so the thought police, should be aware, that thinking is not currently illegal of course that may change. . . .

Is Steve Jobs, Mentally ill?  if so what can the board of apple do about this alleged condition, and just because someone says that steve jobs is crazy does that mean that it should be investigated by the government?  The answer to these alleged questions and other very strange behavior by apple is something that you just have to wonder about, why for instance did apple sell products and then three days later change all the rules, that sort of just sucks and yes, it sort of looks like the person behind this decision is crazy and needs to be relived of duty.

Will this cause problems for apple?

Will they be sued by large companies that have been abused, allegedly by apple?

Should steve jobs be asked to step down?

We think the answer to that is “yes” it is becoming apparent that steve jobs is not allegedly acting in the companies best interest.

and if this is true then it is time that steve steps down, there is too much at steak for this to continue to threaten the value of the stock as anyone can see the value of the stock has gone down over the last few weeks and as some as saying as long as steve jobs continues to make alleged bad decisions, the price will continue to go down.

Perhaps its time to start buying windows computers again, hey they are half the cost of an expensive apple…

just check out apple.

now let look at windows.

I think that really says a lot, for one thousand dollars less you can get nearly the same thing, is it as good as apple, perhaps not, but you know what, I am sick of steve jobs and his stupid vapid opinions, he can go jump in the lake, I am buying the cheaper item, apple can go get ….

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