WordPress under fire?

WordPress is one of the best publishing platforms online today…

It is very popular and there are literally Millions upon millions of websites running wordpress.

In fact it may be getting too popular.

Is it really possible to get too popular?

The short answer is yes and yes again.

Since wordpress is open source anyone can download it and use it but also the bad guys can also access it to discover its weakness.

They have obviously been at this for some time now because there are a lot of wordpress products out there that are popping up to help its users to secure their websites.

Unsavory characters have found wordpress to be an easy target and they will continue to subvert its basic protections until there is a solution that prevents them from so easily attacking wordpress.

 Hardening wordpress can be a difficult task.

In fact when you do a search for wordpress security you get a ton of results that will bake your brain in no time flat.

The problem with a lot of these tips about how to reduce the attacks on your wordpress websites is that most of those people do not know much about securing wordpress at all.

They advocate using plugins to manage all the little problems that are obviously creating so many problems.

Sure some plugins are good but some are just not good enough and might actually attract attackers, so be careful what you use and how you choose to use it.

If you can do something on your own without having to use a plugin, do that because the more plugins you have and use the more chances are good that you might end up having a problem.

There is a huge list of things that you can and should be doing, but what are you doing to learn more about the problem?

That is the main issue is education, there are people out there pretending to know everything about wordpress and in truth they know little about how to protect wordpress at all.

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